What is “value”? It can be defined as “the importance, worth, or usefulness of something” (Google). For the most part, value is subjective and circumstantial which further complicates things for those of us who try to understand it. However, to make things easier for us let us talk about “real” value and “perceived” value.

Someone said that, “everything of value God has already given to us for free”. Look at your life and you will notice that there are things you cannot live without; air, blood, a brain, etc. How much would you pay for a mother? Please examine your own life and try to see what is really important and invaluable for you, everything else is just fad.

How much would you pay for a 1997 Mercedes Benz with 347,000 miles on it? Wait, in 1997 it was one of the best cars money could buy but today no one even thinks about it. What happened to its value? In short, people’s desires changed. Perceived value is what we think something is worth in relation to how much better it will make us look, and how much respect, prestige, and status it will give us. Please think, there will always be a new TV in the store but your daughter will only be 5 one time.

Everyday we choose what type of value we add on to our lives. We either add on real value in the form of a stronger family bond, closer friendships, and personal growth. Or, we work hard to add on “perceived” value only to turn the corner to find that John from accounting bought the latest Porsche, or that Janet from HR has new Louboutins. Five years from now, who cares about John’s car or Janet’s shoes? Can you say that in five years your relationship with your family is going to be closer, your personal development higher, and your fulfillment in life greater? It all comes down to this: What do you value?