Only God gives real value to a woman. This does not imply that women enter this world as a worthless composition of tissue and flesh. On the contrary, women are depositories of precious gems just waiting to be discovered.

Women are gems, but similar to diamonds they enter life in a rough, amorphous state. In the world of diamonds and precious stones what ultimately determines value is how the gem is cut and how well it allows light to shine through. Thus, the value of a precious stone is derived from the level of craftsmanship and expertise wielded by the jeweler.

Women are precious beings who, like rubies and diamonds, need to be worked on by a master jeweler in order to reach the zenith of their potential beauty. It is only when the light of God shines through her that a woman gains REAL value. Unfortunately, most women allow themselves to be crafted by the world’s foremost jewelers: wealth and status. Don’t get me wrong, wealth and status aren’t bad. However, a woman should never allow her sense of worth to be dictated by either one of them. Much like hair-length, height, intelligence quotient or cup size have NOTHING to do with a girl’s REAL value.

Now, a woman that allows her self to be a jewel crafted by God is the most gorgeous, asthma-attack-inducing, jaw-dropping, stutter-provoking masterpiece on the stage of life. Wealth and status are fleeting and circumstantial, but a godly woman will always be praised regardless of time or circumstance.